Start your vacation right at the door...

We are going to pick you up at the door and bring you into the holidays, and it you want we can take your bikes or motoricicle, too.

We will take care of you the whole time you`ll stay in our Pension. We`ll also take you back home after a few relaxing days.

Our service:

*trips into the neighbourhood,up to 8 people

*taking care of hihing groups

*bustransfers from hous to hous (bus airconditioning)

Our guests can also enjoy a common-room with bar

and parking spots right in front of the hous.

To relaxe on a nice summerday, you can join us in our big garden. Where you can lay down in our deck-chairs or sit down under the pavilion with our barbecue place.

In the house you can find a information centre.

We also have a bike-rental, guided hihing-tours, and we arrange you a ride with the "Inselsbergexpress".

The "Pension am Hopfenberg" is a nice stop for motorcicters- we offer a dry place for your motorbike, a repair workshop, and we can give you some good ideas for a nice ride ride into the nature or you can join our guides tours on weekends.